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The HSA needs you!!


The HSA is looking for volunteers for the following positions for the 2019-2020 school year. For more information and to indicate your interest in a position please log in to and select “HSA Available Positions” from the “Volunteer” menu.

Executive Board positions will be presented at the April HSA meeting on April 24 and voted on at the May HSA meeting on May 15. All are welcome to attend. Committee positions will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis unless the committee may be divided between multiple co-chairs. All outgoing committee chairs will provide incoming committee chairs with information they need to be successful!

You may put your name in for as many positions as you like. Many volunteers serve on both the executive board and as committee chairs during the school year. Questions? Please contact Becca Taurisano at, Ginger Roddy at or Ashley Hammerich at 

Available Board Positions

President (or Co-Presidents)

Conduct monthly HSA meetings, communicate with and support committee chairs so that they may successfully conduct committee business, and work closely with other board members and Enders Road Elementary administrative staff and teachers to coordinate various efforts throughout the year.

Vice President (or Co-Vice Presidents)

Support the president in efforts to work with committee chairs and stand in for President when not available.

Lead Treasurer

The lead treasurer will be supported by current outgoing treasurer Kelly Gillespie. Kelly will provide compliance and quality assurance support to Treasurer and assist with financial reporting.

Recording Secretary (or Co-Secretaries)

Create agenda for and take minutes during monthly HSA Executive Board and General Meetings.

Corresponding Secretary (or Co-Secretaries)

Write thank you correspondence to volunteers and donors for HSA sponsored activities and work with committee chairs to create monthly entry in Enders Express newsletter. 


Available Committee Chair Positions

Website Manager: 1-2 volunteers wanted. Year-long position.

Book Fair: 2-3 volunteers wanted to assist the outgoing current chairs in a transition year with the intent to take over the committee the following school year. This is a fall event. 

Dance: 1 volunteer wanted to assist outgoing current chairperson in a transition year with the intent to take over the committee the following school year. This is a year long activity ending in a recital in May. 

Ice Cream Social: 1 volunteer wanted to assist the current chairperson. Occurs the first Friday in June.

Staff Meeting Snacks: 1 volunteer wanted to assist the current chairperson. Occurs once per month.

Spring Fundraiser: 1-2 volunteers wanted to plan and coordinate Spring Fundraiser.

Fall Fundraiser: 1-2 volunteers wanted to plan and coordinate Fall Fundraiser.

Class pictures: 1 volunteer wanted for this Fall event.

Karate: 1 volunteer wanted. Occurs in fall and spring.

Lost and Found: 1 volunteer wanted. Year-long position.

4th Grade Celebration: 1 volunteer wanted for this end of year event.

LEGO Club: Multiple volunteers wanted to help run twice monthly LEGO club meetings.

Soccer: 1 volunteer wanted for this Winter activity.

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