Volunteer for our Gymnastics Unit


PLEASE NOTE: February 28th has a COMPLETELY different schedule than the other days during the gymnastics unit. This is because of an assembly which is creating a need for an adjusted schedule.

The Gym teachers need a minimum of 6 volunteers for each gym period to run successfully. Sign up to be a spotter for your child's gym period any day that works for your schedule. 

To Volunteer:

(1) Log into your account

(2) Go to the VOLUNTEER*** menu at the TOP of the page

(3) Select the date you want

(4) Check the box next to your child's gym period. 

(5) Select SUBMIT at the BOTTOM of the page.

(6) Repeat for additional dates.

***If you do not see the VOLUNTEER menu after submitting your first selection, you may have to LOG IN again.

In the event of a Snow Day the entire schedule will shift by one day. We will email you to remind you of the date change and that you should update your volunteering only if you can not volunteer for the new date.

In the event of a delay the schedule will shift later in the day. Please review the following TWO hour and ONE hour delay schedules and make a note of the new times.

Please plan to arrive 5 minutes early to check in and get your visitor’s badge.